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This company thoroughly tests and recommends to DVA and private practises within the Fraser Coast district what applications are needed for individuals to be issued hearing aids etc. Clayton Hearing play an active role within the Fraser Coast area promoting health and fitness and just recently hosted ‘Men’s Health Week’ in Hervey Bay. A few of our members attended the program and were put through a rigorous process which involved doctor’s and skin cancer specialists doing their stuff. A great day out really and it was totally free for anyone who wanted to get professional screening and advice on their health. Clayton Hearing are locally based in Hervey Bay but furnish the Wide Bay area as well. Their Managing Director is really behind us and will financially support our cause, mission, objectives and passion to assist and advise serving and ex-serving members and their families.

Went to frogshollow bike show at appletree creek pub on saturday. Show run by consolidated bikers australia bundaberg chapter.

Local Rebs in attendance .
Fang not in attendance due to feelin crook from eating bad lasagne.

Have potential probationary member – Vietnam Vet from Bundaberg name of Roger. He gave me his email i gave him a card and am following up.

Stay upright

Saturday 18th August 12

At 1100 on Saturday 18th August 12, Fang (Ride Master / Road Captain), Skip (Treasurer), Edge (SSM), Bling (Sierra Squad Leader), Angel and Jinx (Sierra Squad Nominees) attended Vietnam Veterans Day Service at Toogoom RSL.
The service was held by Toogoom RSL and attended by Cr Rolf Light (Division 5 Member) for Fraser Coast Regional Council, the organisers of Fraser Coast Care Packages, Veterans Welfare Coordinator fvrom Hervey Bay RSL Cath Barker, local Legacy President, the local Re-enactment Organisation (who provided the cenotaph) and a fair number of Vietnam and younger veterans.
Fraser Coast Care Packages organise care packages for deployed service and Police members who have a link to Fraser Coast, so far this year they have delivered over 200.
Cr Rolf Light (ANLP) had in depth discussions with Fang, Skip and Edge about applying for council grants and pursuing a building for local VAC through the council once our Incorporation was approved.
Fang and Edge also had discussions with Committee members of Toogoom RSL to hold Sub Branch Services for Peacekeepers Day and UN Day at the Toogoom RSL, which they are all for and the President will contact the Sub Branch about details in the near future.
A good day was had by all and good connections were made with the local government and veteran community.
However all results being positive a camera was overlooked and no photos were taken of the event. This will not be overlooked at future events.

September 12

The last weekend in September the Fraser Coast Sub Branch rode in company with Patriots Hervey Bay to Frogs Hollow Bike Show held at Apple Tree Creek conducted by Consolidated Bikers. This was a great weekend with lots of bikers attending. The atmosphere for the show was excellent with great music, food, and of course great people. Fang picked up the Publicans Award for his Night Train and was awarded with a bottle of JD which I believe was much appreciated over the course of the night. Great weekend and many thanks to the organisers. (see attached photos.
On the same weekend Edge attended the Music Festival on the Sunshine Coast and had the opportunity to be interviewed by ABC radio for their “Down on the corner” segment. This was a good promotion for the Club and Sub branch so have a listen – http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2012/04/20/3482011.htm?site=sunshine&ref=front-page-slider-sunshine-regional-landing

January 13

January this year was relatively quiet due to family and work commitments however a few of us went on some short day runs around the Fraser Coast district.

The recent weather conditions on the Fraser Coast have been terrible to say the least in the last couple of months with some of our members being cut off from Maryborough and Hervey Bay because of water across the road resulting in road closures. Krazyhorse and Snake were bunkered down for a few days on the Sunshine Coast as they could not get back home to Gympie. Beach erosion in the Toogoom area has been extreme with lots of strange, out of the ordinary, sea life washed up. We even had a chest of drawers come up onto the beach from God knows where. It could have come from the devastating floods from the Bundaberg area or from the cyclone that the went straight through and smashed Burrum Heads.

April 13

Skip was unanimously elected by all full members of our Sub Brach and humbly accepted the position of Secretary. Bling was elected as Sub Branch Treasurer in a temporary capacity until a full member decides to accept those responsibilities and subsequently voted into that position.

March this year was again hit by terrible wet weather conditions that affected most of the Fraser Coast area which prevented us from going on overnighters etc. There were however a few of us that went on some day runs around the Fraser Coast area including Maryborough and Bundaberg and Burnett Heads. After discussions with the President of Toogoom RSL our members will be attending their Anzac Day dawn service at 0545. They have kindly invited us to attend their breakfast afterwards. From there will be riding our steel horses to attend the Anzac Day march in Hervey Bay.

Before Pauli transferred to the Fraser Coast Sub Branch he successfully completed his Welfare Officer’s course. On behalf of all your former mates from the Fraser Coast – well done mate! Chief and Edge are scheduled for Tips courses in May with Krazyhorse and Angel due for their Welfare Courses in June of this year.

Our VP, Chief, took up residency in the Toogoom area of the Fraser Coast recently. He arrived with a truck load of his personal belongings from the Sunshine Coast. When he arrived at his new address in Toogoom both Skip and Fang helped him unload and settle in. Shortly afterwards he welcomed his new housemate to his address by the name of “Zeus”. A cheeky little fellow but much loved by all our members.

Our former Secretary Stockie with partner Gai are doing well in their new venture as owner mangers of the Alexander Motor Inn at Moree in NSW. They both have been working very hard modifying their inhouse restaurant and refurbishing different areas in and around their motel. Stockie is now a fully fledged pool cleaner and operator! Well done guys. They are due to arrive back in Toogoom next month for a well earned 10 week rest before heading back to Moree to do it all again. All of us can’t wait for them to return to resume our regular dinner parties and ride days. Well all miss Gai’s excellent roast dinners as well. Hurry up and come home guys!!! Stockie is chafing at the bit to get back here as before he left he put his Harley into Maryborough’s internationally recognised professional air brush painter. He recently sent us some photos of his tank and guards and they look amazing!

April 13

Our Sub Branch were kindly invited by the President of the Consolidated Bikers of the Fraser Coast to attend their Pig’s Arse rally in Childers but we all had to return back to Toogoom due to excessive wet weather. We all had good intentions to get there but only got as far as the BP Service Station near Childers before the heavens opened up once again and literally soaked us all. Nevertheless, we all returned to home to enjoy each other’s company watching DVD’s and absorbing some nice liquid refreshments to warm us up again.

Fang, Skip, Krazyhorse, Edge, Chief and Angel were invited to attend the pre Anzac Day (24/04/2013) morning tea which was paid for and hosted by Con Souvalis, an 87 year old resident of Hervey Bay and an ex WW2 veteran who fought against the Japanese Imperial Army in Borneo and Papua New Guinea. It was a great morning with lots of food and refreshments held in the main function room of the Blazing Saddles function centre in Hervey Bay. Again, we met with some senior citizens with military influence who were very interested and proud of who we were once we told them of our MBMMC missions and objectives. Skip met with Con afterwards and had a great chat with him. During the conversation Con mentioned he has a lot of respect and admiration of what we are doing in the community. He kindly donated some very interesting magazines and other reading material depicting the East Timor conflict.

Our Sub Branch attended the dawn service on Anzac Day at Toogoom RSL. It was a very sombre occasion with many local residents and political representatives attending as well. The RSL put on a very dignified ceremony with music, singers and of course a very good trumpeter to sound the last post and reveille. Our President laid our wreath there along with many other flowers etc which were laid by the general public and other organisations both military and civilian. After the ceremony we were cordially invited to participate in their ‘gun fire breakfast’ which off course included the odd shot of rum to wash it all down with. Yet again we met our Division 5 local member Rolf Light who appreciated and thanked us for being there.

Hervey Bay RSL invited us to march in their very well organised Anzac Day march which we were delighted to attend. The march was spectacular to say the least with most of Hervey Bay’s general public lining the streets and intersections clapping wildly as we proudly marched along. There were shouts of ‘Go you good thing the Military Brotherhood’ as we proudly displayed our service honour and awards and medals which included both family and our own issued medals on our vests while we marched behind the post 1975 Veterans. The ceremony was held at Hervey Bay’s cenotaph where a guard of honour was posted around the memorial. There was a huge crowd there which included many of the younger generation from surrounding schools. Again our President laid a wreath at the memorial which the Hervey Bay RSL paid a special thanks to our Sub Branch during the wreath laying ceremony. Very humbling indeed. From there we were asked to attend the private luncheon back at the RSL to which we kindly accepted. It was a great afternoon with lots of various cooked meal dishes available which included lots of liquid refreshments. A few of us met with some good contacts both ex military and civilian during the afternoon. Homer met with a gentleman who owns and runs a veteran retreat at Woodgate who invited us to just have a look to see if we wanted to stay there for any overnighters etc.

We went for a ride to Woodgate to investigate the Veteran’s Retreat there on private land. Homer, Target and Smash proceeded to go down a dirt road which led to the retreat to ‘suss it out’. Skip, Bling, Chief, Fang and Angel stayed on the bitumen until Homer and his crew returned. Unfortunately however, at this early stage of setting up the retreat, it is not motorcycle savvy as the road into the retreat needs considerable riding skills to even get in there. We all agreed to maintain the contact with the owner as his progression in his venture of establishing a very good facility moves forward.

As our VP is OS at this point in time Skip stepped into his spot to attend the 3 day TIP’s Welfare Course in Bundaberg. Edge and Fang attended also to refresh their qualifications as MBMMC Fraser Coast Welfare Officers. During the 3 days we met with some very influential people from all walks of life who made us feel very welcome during the course. We all came out a lot more wiser inclusive of a pack of handouts and forms which we will utilise when we get veterans seeking our assistance or who just need some information about entitlements or benefits from DVA and other organisations.

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