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Welfare Advocate

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Welfare Advocate

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Crazy Ted

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Run and News Reports –

United Nations day Saturday 26th October Thanks to all members and supporters that reacted quickly at short notice, to participate in UN day. Special thanks to “Krazy Horse “ and “Snake “ for mustering the Cooloola Coast, holding hands? and supplying the Wreath.
Remembrance Day Monday 11th November Day after second meeting. Assembled at Beefys pie shop. Ride to Gympie Cenatfe in good order. Meet with RSL organiser’s had a yak! And received directions on when to lay our Wreath. Krazy and Angel did a fine job of this. We were then called forward to place a poppy each. After a very good service, we meet acting Gympie mayor Tony Perrett who was positive about our cause and happy to meet again.
Pomona Pub. Top ride out there! Went to the bar to buy a beer and we were all refused service????? I asked to see the paper work they had received about this “Law “Turns out it is aimed at crime gangs only. I pointed out that MBMMC is not on the list and we are entitled to drink with our vests on? The bar staff left to see the Publican for the final say? Yes! The word came down. Thank god there are still people that can see things for what they are!! Pomona Pub you’re on the map now.

Cooloola Coast sub branch held their December meeting /Christmas party at “Tims” house Bargara (Bundaberg).

The weekend started with Krazy Horse, Tim & Angel taking part in the Salvation Army toy run from Bargara to Bundaberg. 250 bikes attended the run, it was good to see so many bikes in one ride.

The rest of the sub branch left Gympie around 0930. They had a good run until Higgos bike called it a day 14km out from Bargara. The recovery trailer came into its own here. On arrival the bike was repaired within an hour and Higgo was back on two wheels.

Coolooa Coast then had our 3rd meeting, after which we did a bike tour of the Bargara area. We then readied ourselves in our best “dining in”clobber and caught the bus to Bargara Beach Hotel for our first Christmas party.

On arrival we raised the Australian flag, and the club battle flag, on the pubs flag poles.
One member of the public had something to say about this, however we quickly allied his “Fears’’ and the flags stayed for the rest of the night. We then had a meal and partied on. A great night was had by all. Being dressed in our formal attire drew many confused looks from staff and the public alike! A top night was had by all.

13 FEB 17

Rides/Overnighters /Events completed:

Our ASHLEY BIRT – Veterans Assistance Centre was Officially opened for business on the 10th September, Located at the Curra Country Club – 10 David Drive, Curra .
Was a huge day as many of our neighbouring Sub Branches attending along with RSL’s local Council and the general public 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Cooloola Coast Sub Branch conducted a long weekend run leaving Moose’s place around 0800hrs with a night at Cania Gorge Big 4 caravan park great spot ,Wood fired pizzas were the go. Bacon and eggs for brecky then a nice day ride around the gorge and a ride through Boolboonda tunnel via Mount Perry. Sayed overnight at Mount Perry camping next to the Leopard tank (feeling very safe). Dinner at the pub across the road. Early start for the run home. Special thanks to those that attended from other Sub Branches..

Cooloola Coast Sub branch attended Gympie Gold Rush festival selling our famous Donuts and winning trophy’s (well done Chops) Great Day had by ALL..

Rooke, BJ and Shorty attended Exercise Stone Pillow with a few members from Brisbane East sub branch dropping in to say high (thanks gents). Rooke spoke with the chief of army Angus Campbell about the club and what we are all striving for in regards to our Veterans both young and old.

UN day held at memorial park Gympie with a small service and wreath laying ceremony followed by a ride to Maroochydore RSL taking them up on that invitation for lunch and an ale and a great chat on Welfare and Advocacy.

Moose took members from the sub branch and conducted a Club escort for the widow and her family of a ‘Battle of Long Tan’ Veteran funeral service from Curra . The service was held in Bundaberg with Rex driving the widow up in the Mary Valley RSL car with an escort from the Military Brotherhood


Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club – Cooloola Coast

ph: 0421961928

Fraser Coast Show – the military parade.
Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle

Fraser Coast Show – the military parade.
Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle

Fraser Coast Show – the military parade.
Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle

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