Military Motorcycle Club

Supporting Our Veterans

We are a Tri Service military motorcycle club

 comprising serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Commonwealth Forces members, their families, friends and support riders. We are an Australia-wide club and our mission is to support Club members, Veterans and ex-service members and their families for the next thirty years.

  • Member Welfare

We look after each other

To provide a ‘safe haven’ – our Club – that creates camaraderie, mateship and commitment.

To ride our motorcycles and allow us the freedom to ride together, to bond together, to enjoy the road together, to look after each other.

  • Service Members
Military Brotherhood Motorcycle club | Service Members

All persons being:

ex-service or

current serving of the ADF, Commonwealth or Allied forces

  • Sierra Squad Members
Military Brotherhood Motorcycle club | Service Members

All persons described as:

not having service

service members who do not have a motorcycle

a holding and training cell for all nominees

  • Veteran Welfare

We look after others

To provide competent and dedicated welfare, pension and advocacy support to our members, Veterans and Veterans families in partnership with government departments such as DVA.

To implement our ‘Visit a Vet’ initiative and provide companionship to older veterans living at home, in age care facilities and other institutions.

To ensure observance of UN Day each year on 24 Oct in order to recognise the commitment, efforts and sacrifices of our Defence and Police personnel while on UN missions.

To create both the Veterans Assistance Centre(VAC) and Veterans Retreat, both being a ‘drop in’ centre for veterans who need qualified support, familiar surroundings and like-minded company.

  • National Focus

We look ahead

To plan ahead 30 years to ensure the Club remains sustainable, is supported through local organisations, and remains a valuable asset within the Veteran welfare community.

To grow the Club through purpose, dedication and desire, and to recruit Sponsors to assist in our mission and objectives.

To align the Club with other military motorcycle clubs, to unite our common purpose and to build a firm comaradarie between us all.

  • Our Credo

“Ours is a military brotherhood from the very beginning, and we have been and still are bound to one another in such a way, that each will stand by the other to the death if need be, saving his honour, and thus true affection has brought me to his assistance, to aid him by my body and with all my goods, as he would do the same for me if I had need of him”

  • In Their Memory

Australians We Cannot Forget

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
“We will remember them”
  • A Piper sounds a mournful air while soldiers on their shoulders bear
    The body of their mate who fell in war
    The drummer marks the fall of feet and cuts the air with measured beat
    With mates slow marching forward strong and sure
    Leaders standing side by side are joined by those whose tears and pride
    Unite them as a family joined in sorrow
    Photographs and special words, memories and stories heard
    About the man who gave us his tomorrows
    Silence shared, the ode is told - For Unlike us they grow not old
    We will remember them, their sacrifice
    As Last Post plays, its haunting strains retell the cost of war again
    Lest we forget the cost of freedoms price
    Flag draped coffin borne outside, honour guard and volleys fired
    Gun carriage bears our soldier to his rest
    A crisp salute with tear filled eyes joins loved ones silent sad goodbyes
    Valé brave soldier, Valé! – Our Nation’s best.

  • Days of  Sadness, Heartfelt pain
    Our Aussie Soldiers killed again
    And many people in this war
    Will question “What’s this fighting for?”
    “We know the lads are good and tough
    But surely this must be enough!
    They say “Get rid of all this pain
    and bring our Soldiers home again”
    Days of Sadness, tortured grief
    Life for these lads was cruelly brief
    And family’s unspoken fears
    Are realised in a Vale of tears
    But hear the words these families say
    “If our troops must come home today
    Then that would be the cruellest pain
    For then our boys have died in vain.”
    Days of Sadness, Pain and Pride
    Our husbands, brothers, Sons have died
    But we believe their sacrifice
    Will help to pay our freedom’s price
    Our Nation’s history tells the tale
    Of those whose courage didn’t fail
    Who gave their lives for you and me
    To free our world from tyranny.
    Days of Sadness, deepest sorrows
    Our boys have given their tomorrows
    Our Anzac Story tells the cost
    Of many other young lives lost
    Who fell with faces to the foe
    To buy the peace their children know
    They fought until the job was done
    The only way that peace is won.
    Days of Sadness, pained goodbyes
    While loved ones mourn a Nation cries
    The Eulogies will tell the tales
    Of those whose courage didn’t fail
    Our courage too we now must show
    Our fighting lads deserve to know
    That even though the cost is great
    We’ll let them fight on for their mates.

  • Australians are all reeling and many folks are feeling
    dismayed with all our recent soldiers’ deaths
    We farewell a fallen brother then another then another
    and it’s like we need to stop to catch our breath.
    While one family is grieving another is receiving
    the news that takes their world to grief and sorrow
    There’s lots of fear and tension, you can sense the apprehension
    as we wonder if there’s more bad news tomorrow.
    But the families will tell us the are so proud of their fellas
    even as they stop to wipe away their tears
    They say they feel inside an intense and burning pride
    as they face the nightmare of their deepest fears.
    Their courage and belief are even stronger than their grief
    that their sacrifice is for a worthy cause
    They believe their precious sons, brothers, dads, beloved ones
    have paid the price for freedom on our shores.
    They want to tell their mates to never doubt or hesitate
    to fight this fight against the reign of terror
    An untimely made decision to turn our backs on this mission
    Would be at this sad time a costly error.
    As families deal with grieving they are strengthened by believing
    that their soldiers gave their lives for you and me
    In the history of their nation there are many generations
    whose sacrifice has made our country free.
    And so in this time of grief, please don’t falter in belief
    that our Aussie boys are where they need to be
    They’ve got the guts to fight their wars, keep supporting them because
    They need support from their community.

  • We said a little prayer today
    A prayer for mates who died
    And no one here’s ashamed to say
    There’s been some tears we’ve cried.
    For good mates full of zest for life
    Cut down while in their prime
    Amid the war’s furore and strife
    Now gone before their time.
    We said a little prayer today
    For all their families
    And asking Lord for strength that they
    Can bear their sadness, please!
    For Parents who have lost a son
    And Kids who lost their dad
    And wives who’ve lost beloved ones
    So tragic Lord, so sad.
    We said a little prayer today
    For strength and courage for
    The mates and colleagues who must stay
    Away to fight this war.
    We’re sure they’re sad to lose their friends
    So help them bear the strain
    That when one day this fighting ends
    This cost won’t be in vain.
    We said a little prayer today
    For those who sacrifice
    Their lives in service in the fray
    To pay our freedom’s price.
    O help us God to realise
    As tears flow for the lost
    Our Peace and freedom is the prize
    That’s won at such a cost.

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